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Online Course

Figuring Out your Future

High School Curriculum

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Course level: 

High School Students


15 - 19 year old

This program is created for Pathways or Wellbeing classes and suitable for High School Students aged between 15-19 years old. It is a fresh, fun and engaging format that has been taught at Green School Bali since February 2021. The feedback from students can be seen below.

The program can be taught on-line or off-line and comprises various components to appeal to the differing learning styles that exist. There is some flexibility built in to allow for varying timetables, style and experience of teachers facilitating the program. It is based on the book “Figuring Out Your Future” by Sally Lewis which is available at a special bulk price if used as a text book. Alternatively all required materials are downloadable as part of the school package purchased.

Please contact Sally to discuss your specific needs and find more details including the structure and cost of the program.

Student Feedback

The skills I picked up in this class will be extremely beneficial to me in the future

Student aged 16 years

This course has helped steer me in a direction I am excited about exploring and
I now understand how to set realistic goals.

Student aged 17 years

This course has made me realise I don’t have to follow a traditional path and do what others think I should do. My life is up to me and I can do what I love to do.

Student aged 16 years

I have improved my self-reflection skills and understand myself and what is important much better now. I no longer feel so lost and nervous.

Student aged 16 years

I no longer feel anxious about the future. This program has helped me feel much clearer and less worried about the future when I leave school.

Student aged 16 years

Even though I still haven’t figured out exactly what I will do when I leave school I now feel much calmer and know how to keep exploring as the time comes closer.

Student aged 15 years

I am really grateful I got to do this class. It has really helped me in thinking about the future. I think this should be mandatory for every student to do.

Student aged 15 years

Please contact Sally to discuss your specific needs and find more details including the structure and cost of the program.

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