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What People are Saying About Sally

Sally’s new book will be helpful to countless kids. Reading Figuring Out Your Future was such a positive experience and, for me, is best summed up as calming. Sally helps you tune out the bombardment of noise and chaos around us, focussing you on what can be discovered inside your own universe to help you find your way. It draws out your curiosity and the exercises are fun and clever; they help you explore your inner universe, while accepting the realities of the world around you. Sally’s work broadly connects across many audiences - equally valuable for students and adults on their journey of discovery.

Kyle King

Principal, The Harbour School,
Hong Kong

Figuring Out Your Future is an uplifting read. I am in my final year in college wondering what lies ahead — feeling both scared and excited. While I read, I wished I had had something like this back in my teenage years. Yet, as I’m about to step into the post-college world, it still holds so much relevance and impact for me. Reading this book excites me and makes me feel empowered, relevant and part of a bigger whole. I now feel excited to get to know myself even more and knowing that I can never exhaust this journey makes me feel like I have a lifelong purpose on this planet.

Cynthia Nnadi

Final Year College Student, 
Central Africa

Sally’s course has helped me feel more comfortable in myself and gain a clearer direction for my path in my life after school. I have more clarity and focus for the possibilities ahead as I now know what matters to me because I have discovered what brings me most fulfilment. I feel more in control of my life as I have also learnt to measure myself against my own dreams and accomplishments rather than comparing myself to other people’s ideals and measures of success. Sally’s work is super beneficial for students like myself that have felt completely lost and stressed about what to do after graduating high school.

Olivia Salkeld

17 years old student,
Green School Bali, Indonesia

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