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Individual Consulting

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One-on-One Individual Consulting

We all need a little help sometimes. Life at any crossroads is not easy. It’s perfectly normal to feel stress, confusion and fear during any change or big decision-making process. Having the right tools and the people around for support as you go through unsettling times is wise. Do you need more support or guidance? A personal consultation with Sally will help you find more clarity and direction for your future. Sally offers one-on-one mentoring in person or across the globe via Zoom. Choose from a specially designed package or a one-off exploration session to help guide you through the challenges. 

With over 10 years coaching experience, Sally creates a safe and comfortable environment for you whilst delivering great results. Getting the support you need at various stages in your life is an important investment in yourself and your future. You are worth it!

Book a complimentary initial appointment to see how Sally can best help you and find out more.

Please contact Sally to discuss your specific needs and find more details including the structure and cost of the program.

Student Feedback

I’m not so stressed and anxious anymore. I feel like I have more of what I need to go into the real world. Leaving school feels more like an adventure for me now rather than something to fear

Student 17 years

I feel less lost and nervous now and more secure about my future. Sally helped me feel reassured that everything will work out by giving me some great tools to use. I can go back to those tools any time I need them.

Student 18 years

I am now excited about my future rather than so anxious. I no longer feel like I have to do what I think I ‘should’ do but understand how to create my own path ahead.

Student 19 years

Thank you Sally for taking your time to teach me over the past few months. It has helped me a lot and I know it will be beneficial to me in the future.

Student 16 years

I love the way Sally delivers the message. The way she speaks and shares her opinions and experiences is unexplainable. She has made a big difference in my life.

Student 17 years

When I started working with Sally my life felt like a ship without a rudder and I had recurring migraines from stress. With gentle guidance, incredible wisdom and an immense wealth of knowledge & experience, Sally has helped me re-think how I see myself & my world. This in turn has had a profound effect on my health, well being and the direction of my life. Sally's method has been nothing short of life changing for me. I have no hesitation in recommending Sally. Her method is simple yet profound.

Student 52 years

Sally helped to steer me in the direction that feels right for me. I am now looking forward to the future instead of dreading it.

Student 18 years

Talking with Sally gave me so much clarity on my future. I now understand myself so much better and feel less scared about leaving school.

Student 17 years

I have learned what I need to do to get through challenges and difficulties that will always come up. I feel so much more capable and confident going into my future now.

Student 19 years

Sally taught me not to be so afraid of the future.The exercises we did are fun and interesting. I now understand how to deal with the uncertainty and have many practical skills I can take through life with me.

Student 16 years

Yes please! I’d love to book a FREE call to find out more!

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