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Online Course

Figuring Out your Future

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  • This life changing program will give you the tools you need to get on with living your very best life, reaching your true potential

  • Get clearer direction as you begin to discover your next steps

  • Transform anxiety and fear into action and fulfilment

  • Discover who you really are rather than what you are supposed to be

  • Understand how to navigate the uncertainty of a rapidly changing world

  • Step confidently into who you are here to be

  • Dive into this tool-box of practical and fun exercises and start designing your destiny today

  • Topics for this course

  • Now What?

    – Finding Clarity in the Confusion

  • Exploring what you need to take your next steps into the unknown

  • Discover the right questions to ask yourself at this significant crossroads

  • Understand that it’s okay not to be okay

  • Possibilities and Potential

    – Finding Fulfilment

  • Discover your seeds of greatness

  • Learn how to become the very best version of yourself

  • How to find and do what fulfills you the most

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    AUD 99,00

  • Course level: 

    All Levels

  • Duration: 

    59m 25s

  • Last Update: 

    January 26, 2022

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