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Ripples of Impact

Conversations to change your world

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Course level: 

High School Students


16 - 19 year old

Providing safe spaces of possibility to hold critical conversations, Ripples of Impact is a place for students to connect and explore what matters most to them. Co-created with students to meet their own unique needs, addressing what is specific to them at this often confusing stage of life, Ripples of Impact is born from the need to help students explore themselves and uncover their own innate value.

In a world of pressure and conformity, instead of kids trying to fit themselves into the boxes of expectation society has created for them, here they begin to discover who they truly are. Rather than waiting for the broken end of life, the breakdown, crisis or trauma of mid-life that is so common, this program provides tools and skills to equip our young people with what they need as they head out into the inevitable challenges and uncertainty of life.

Using a pack of specially designed question cards, Ripples of Impact is built around a framework of self-exploration and speaking skills, uniquely tailored to best suit ages 16-19 years. Students will understand how much they matter whilst learning how to speak up in any situation. They will build self-confidence and find their own voice whilst engaging in the valuable art of self-reflection. In a world of noise, obligation and confusion, they get to explore what matters most to them as they participate in this carefully curated program. Designed to empower each student to become more of who they already are, this program provides clarity and direction whilst giving students the opportunity to practise vital communication skills for life; whether this is to learn how to speak up in small groups, in the classroom or on the big stage. Tapping into the power of the stories and ideas we each carry inside us, the students are supported and celebrated as they connect meaningfully with themselves and others through this unique program. Incorporating story-telling and group discussion. This program is suitable for use in classrooms, home-schooling and private groups. Held both in-person and on-line, we run in blocks of 6 weeks. Please enquire via the form on this page as to when and where you can join the next Ripples program.

Profits from this program go to support the youth of Soweto at YOSA - Youth Opportunities South Africa - run by our dear friend, the inspirational Astonishment Mapurisa.

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Create Change

The profits from the Ripples of Impact program go to support YOSA to make our own ripple of impact with this inspiring organisation in South Africa

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